Our Practice

Since 1917 and four generations later, Pryce Haynes Associates (PHA) has provided quality insurance and investment products to its clients.
Where insurance and financial services go, PHA understands the many different concerns individuals, families and business owners face when making insurance and investment decisions. Our main objective is to match our clients' needs with suitable products and deliver superior service while fostering long-lasting relationships. To help us achieve this goal, PHA offers a wide variety of products and services from many repsected insurance and investment companies. 
PHA's comprehensive portfolio of insurance products include life, health*, accident, disability, and long-term care insurance. Each of these products can be tailored to accomodate the ever-changing needs of individuals, families, and businesses. Rarely does the need go away, more often than not, it changes. As our clients' goals evolve through a financial lifecycle, our commitment will remain with your estate planning and conservation needs.

When planning your financial future, turn to the professionals at PHA to provide you with investment options that aim to suit your long-term financial goals. PHA offers its clients invesment strategies and products such as mutual funds, deferred compensation plans and annuities to help meet your savings and investment needs for the long and short term. IRAs, SEPs, 401(k)s, profit sharing and other qualified and non-qualified savings plans are available to help our clients plan and save for their retirement years.
Products & Services Designed for the Business Owner
Business owners can benefit from our resources, whether it be insuring owner's buy-sell agreements, key persons, or employee benefit plans. There are also many innovative costs effective and tax favored ways to design group benefits packages. At PHA we can show you how to get the quality coverage at the most reasonable price when implementing group medical*, life or disability insurance programs for owners, employees, or a select group of key employees. 
Contemplating the addition of a 401(k) plan or another type of retirement plan?  At PHA we can help you design a cost effective, tax qualified plan that can benefit both you and your employees. 
*Health Insurance providers are not affiliated with or endorsed by any company of the Principal Financial Group®. 2128591-042022